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City of Ottawa Is Massively Hiring Multiple Candidates For Public Service Assistant – Ottawa, ON

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City of Ottawa Is Massively Hiring Multiple Candidates For Public Service Assistant – Ottawa, ON

Requisition ID: 9283
Department: Ottawa Public Library
Service: Branch Operations
Branch: Public Services
Employment Type:1 Temporary Full Time Position (Up to 1 year)
Work Hours: 28 hours per week
Affiliation: CUPE 503 Library
Salary Information: $31.872 – $37.289 per hour (2023 rates of pay)
Location: North Gloucester Branch, 2036 Ogilvie Road
City: Ottawa, ON
Job Category: Ottawa Public Library
Application Close: 24/07/2023


Ottawa Public Library (OPL) provides accessible, innovative library and information services throughout the City of Ottawa, that meet the unique needs of diverse communities, delivered through a range of vehicles and reflecting a citizen-centred approach. The Public Service units are responsible for customer-centric public library activities, programs and services for the Library’s 33 branches, mobile and digital services, to meet the needs of branches in their catchment area.

You are responsible for: providing information, reference and readers advisory services in the Library and/or the community and/or mini-libraries, nursing homes and other locations; providing circulation and page services in the Library and/or the community and/or mini-libraries, nursing homes and other locations; performing routine collection maintenance duties; and promoting Library services.

You may be the senior person in charge or exercise responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the library branch.

Work is performed within the context of the policies and framework of the Library corporate culture as embodied in the Mission Statement, Core Values, Customer Experience Guidelines and the Canadian Federation of Library Association position statements on Intellectual Freedom and Diversity and Inclusion, with particular emphasis on providing customer service excellence.


Completion of 2 year Library Technician Diploma.

Minimum of 1 year of related experience.

  • Adult/children’s literature in a variety of formats, readers’ advisory services, trends in reading, literacy, ESL collections and library programming.
  • Reference resources in print, microform and electronic formats and of current developments in reference services.
  • Electronic database and other bibliographic searching techniques.
  • Principles of collection development and maintenance.
  • Methods and techniques for sorting and shelving library materials according to alphabetical, Dewey Decimal or other prescribed sequence and procedures.
  • Library circulation procedures and practices.
  • Knowledge of multiple technology platforms (e.g. tablets, phones, e-readers, Android, Apple, Blackberry) as it relates to library offerings
  • Methods and techniques of responding to inquiries and resolving patron complaints.
  • Desktop applications, intranet and internet and keyboarding procedures, to the extent where it may be required to demonstrate such usage to colleagues or library patrons.
  • General knowledge of library policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of applicable health and safety legislation, including the rights and duties of workers.
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  • Use tact, discretion and confidentiality.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Exercise effective judgement and independent decision-making capabilities.
  • To carry out a range of circulation/page activities, including registration, collecting fees, and to respond effectively to a range of library service inquiries and resolve complaints.
  • To perform routine clerical tasks.
  • Minimum keyboard skills of 25 wpm.
  • Data entry, retrieval and keyboarding skills including use of standard office equipment and operation of an IBM compatible computer in Microsoft windows.
  • Ability to think quickly.
  • Ability to learn on the job and apply learning to new technologies as required.
  • Ability to create and design thematic displays.
  • Ability to handle and account for cash and to prepare bank deposits.
  • Perform multiple tasks concurrently.
  • Customer service orientation, including the use of tact, discretion and confidentiality
  • Ease of comfort with technology.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, ability to deal with the public and handle problems as they arise.
  • Flexibility, ability to adjust priorities.
  • Ability to work effectively as a team member.
  • Strongly committed to quality customer service.
  • To perform routine manual tasks and maneuver book carts and lift boxes up to 40 pounds.


  • Language Requirement: Designated Day 1 Ready – immediate requirement for language proficiency: French: oral, reading, writing English: oral, reading, writing Candidates must meet language requirement for position upon hire.
  • Police Record Check: The successful candidate will be required to complete a Vulnerable Sector Check with the Police Services detachment in their jurisdiction to the City of Ottawa’s satisfaction.; Note: Under the age of 18, requires a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters check in place of the Vulnerable Sector Check.; Police record checks completed by a third-party company will not be accepted.
  • Additional vacancies may occur during the competition process.
  • Alternative educational credentials combined with job-related experience, demonstrated performance, and ability may be considered in lieu of stated academic requirements.
  • Please save a copy of the job poster. Once the closing date has passed, it will no longer be available.

We wish to thank all applicants for their interest and effort in applying for this position. Only candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

The Ottawa Public Library promotes the principles of diversity and inclusion and adheres to the tenets of the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code. We encourage applications from members of Indigenous, Black and other racialized communities, persons with disabilities, women and non-binary persons, persons of all ethnic origins, religions, sexual orientations, classes, gender identities and expressions.
Candidates are encouraged to self-identify as a member of one or more designated employment equity groups in the self-identification questionnaire.

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The Ottawa Public Library provides accommodation during all parts of the hiring process, upon request, to applicants with disabilities. If contacted to proceed to the selection process, please advise us if you require any accommodation.

Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request. Please contact the HR Service Centre at 613-580-2424, extension 47411.

What skills and qualities are important for a Public Service Assistant?

As a Public Service Assistant, there are several skills and qualities that are important to possess. Firstly, strong communication skills are crucial for effectively interacting with the public and providing assistance. This includes being able to listen actively, clearly convey information, and respond professionally to inquiries or concerns.

A good Public Service Assistant should also have exceptional customer service skills. This entails being friendly, patient, and empathetic towards individuals seeking assistance. Building rapport and maintaining a positive attitude are key in ensuring a satisfying experience for the public.

Organizational skills are essential in managing various tasks and responsibilities efficiently. Public Service Assistants often handle administrative duties such as scheduling appointments, maintaining records, and managing resources. Being detail-oriented and capable of multitasking can greatly contribute to success in this role.

Additionally, problem-solving skills are invaluable for addressing inquiries or resolving issues that may arise. A Public Service Assistant should be resourceful, proactive, and capable of finding solutions to various challenges encountered by the public.

Lastly, possessing a strong sense of ethics and integrity is vital for a Public Service Assistant. Upholding confidentiality, treating all individuals with respect, and following ethical guidelines are essential aspects of this role.

These skills and qualities collectively contribute to a competent and effective Public Service Assistant, ensuring quality service and assistance to the public.

What education and certification are required to become a Public Service Assistant?

The educational requirements to become a Public Service Assistant can vary depending on the organization and the specific job description. Generally, a high school diploma or equivalent is the minimum educational requirement for this role.

While formal education beyond high school may not be mandatory, having relevant post-secondary education or certifications can be beneficial in the field. Courses or degrees in areas such as public administration, customer service, communication, or a related field can provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills.

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Though not always required, obtaining certifications related to customer service, communication, or administrative skills can enhance your qualifications and marketability as a Public Service Assistant. There are various industry-specific certifications available that can attest to your expertise and competence in this role.

Ultimately, the specific educational requirements and certifications needed to become a Public Service Assistant can vary depending on the employer and the level of responsibility involved. It’s advisable to research job postings and connect with professionals in the field to understand the specific requirements and expectations for this position.

Who can apply to this job?

The employer accepts applications from:

  • Canadian citizens and permanent or temporary residents of Canada.
  • Other candidates with or without a valid Canadian work permit.

How to apply
Online: Apply On Company WebSite

What is the work environment like for Public Service Assistant?

The work environment for a Public Service Assistant can vary depending on the organization and the specific role. Public Service Assistants can be found in a variety of settings, including government agencies, libraries, educational institutions, and community centers.

In general, Public Service Assistants work in office or public-facing environments where they interact with the public on a regular basis. They may be stationed at service desks or reception areas, providing assistance and answering inquiries. Depending on the nature of the organization, the volume and diversity of individuals seeking assistance can vary.

Public Service Assistants often work as part of a larger team, collaborating with colleagues and supervisors to ensure smooth operations and efficient service delivery. They may also work alongside other professionals, such as librarians, administrators, or public officials, depending on the specific field.

The work environment for Public Service Assistants can sometimes be fast-paced, especially during peak periods or times when there are significant public events or activities. However, it can also be relatively quiet during slower periods. It’s important for Public Service Assistants to be adaptable, as they may need to switch between tasks or prioritize requests based on changing demands.

Overall, the work environment for a Public Service Assistant is generally focused on providing assistance and support to the public, with a strong emphasis on customer service, communication, and teamwork.

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