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Driving Jobs: 11,000+ Driving Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship Today – Apply Now

Driving Jobs: 11,000+ Driving Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship Today - Apply Now

Don’t any of these these 11,519 driving jobs for any other job position.


They are visa sponsored and come with great benefits you can’t afford to miss.

My first job in the US was working as an Amazon truck driver (lol!) before moving into other things.

So, if you don’t mind applying for driving jobs in the USA, then calm down to read this to the end and also share.

These driving jobs are for you, whether it’s truck driving jobs, CDL jobs, trucking jobs, Amazon delivery driver jobs, Uber Eats delivery driver jobs, Walmart delivery driver jobs, or any local trucking jobs in the US.

Types of Driving Jobs you can apply for easily.

Truck Driver: The kings and queens of the road, truck drivers haul essential goods across vast distances. They meticulously plan routes, conduct safety checks, and ensure cargo arrives on time. Salaries vary based on experience and type of haul, but can range from $20 to $35 per hour. CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) is mandatory.

Delivery Driver: Fast-paced and dynamic, delivery drivers are the backbone of e-commerce and local businesses. They navigate city streets, ensuring packages reach customers efficiently. Depending on the company, salaries can range from $15 to $25 per hour. Specific requirements vary, but a clean driving record is essential.

Popular Delivery Driver Options you can also apply for.

Amazon Delivery Driver: Deliver smiles with Amazon! Deliver packages following designated routes, with flexible scheduling options.

Uber Eats Delivery Driver: Be your own boss! Set your hours and deliver restaurant food using a personal vehicle.

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Walmart Delivery Driver: Deliver groceries and household essentials, often with benefits packages offered by big-box retailers.

Local Trucking Jobs: These positions offer a taste of long-haul trucking without the extended trips. Deliver goods within a designated region, providing vital support to local businesses.

Driving Jobs Essential Skills and Requirements

While specific requirements vary by job type, some core skills are essential for driving jobs:

Safe Driving: A clean driving record and excellent defensive driving skills are paramount.

Navigation: Familiarity with GPS systems and the ability to follow directions meticulously are crucial.

Customer Service: Delivery drivers often interact with customers, requiring a courteous and professional demeanor.

Physical Stamina: Loading and unloading can be physically demanding, so good health and strength are beneficial.

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Van Driver

Employer: Hudson Bus Lines
Location: Lewiston, Maine
Pay: $19.05 an hour
Job Type: Part-time
Shift and Schedule: No weekends, Monday to Friday

Full Job Description:

Hudson Bus Lines is seeking a reliable and dedicated Non-CDL Transportation Specialist to join our team as a Van Driver. Under the supervision of a manager, supervisor, or dispatcher, the Van Driver operates a van or bus over designated routes to transport school pupils or clients to and from school or other locations. Additionally, the Van Driver may transport clients on private charter trips and will work with students with disabilities, including potentially loud and disruptive clients.


  • Drive a minivan daily over designated routes in accordance with time schedules, loading and unloading pupils or clients at designated locations and schools.
  • Transport school pupils and teachers on school activity trips.
  • Perform pre and post-trip safety inspections of the vehicle being driven to ensure it is in proper working order.
  • Perform a child check immediately after each run.
  • Maintain good order and discipline among school pupils or clients.
  • Follow company policies regarding pupil/client management and relations with parents, teachers, guardians, medical practitioners, medical facilities, and the public in general.
  • As requested by the Operations Manager or Dispatcher, verify route turn for turn sheets and note any route changes with written notes; may participate in daily or weekly route builds.
  • As requested by the Operations Manager or Dispatcher, make additional directional or landmark notations on bus route sheets to assist future new or substitute van drivers.
  • As requested by the Operations Manager or Dispatcher, observe and track route timing, such as total time en-route, time between stops, loading and unloading times, or any other requested information, for the purpose of establishing route efficiency.
  • Keep records and submit reports as required.
  • Sweep, clean, and refuel vehicles.
  • Report all mechanical deficiencies promptly.
  • Instruct students on safe riding practices and perform evacuation drills as directed.
  • Complete required small vehicle operation training.
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Join our team at Hudson Bus Lines and make a difference in the lives of students and clients in our community. Apply today!

Essential Job Requirements:

  • State-Required Driver’s License must meet company standards on driving record.
  • Current report of Driver Physical Examination.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the operation of assigned vehicles. May include extra equipment such as wheelchair lifts, special needs safety vests, under all road and weather conditions.

Job Type: Part-time
Pay: $19.05 per hour

Day Range: Monday to Friday
No weekends

License/Certification: Driver’s License (Required)
Ability to Commute: Lewiston, ME 04240 (Required)
Work Location: In person

How to apply: Apply on Company Website